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Want to Get Started with Essential Oils?

Do you love essential oils? Are you thinking they’re for you? Before you take the next step I want to help you understand how to get the most out of your oils. You see, there are many suppliers of essential oils on the market, but not all oils are equal!

Here’s What You Need to Know:

You want to be sure you’re getting the very best essential oils so that you can confidently share them with the world. There are 3 things to understand when it comes to assessing the quality of essential oils:

  1. Where they come from – the source
  2. How they’re extracted – the distillation
  3. Who verifies their quality – the testing

I buy my essential oils from doTERRA, an organisation dedicated to the highest quality sourcing, with minimal impact on the environment and rigorous internal & external verification and quality testing.

If you’re ready to dive in and embrace essential oils, maybe even start a business, then make sure you start with a wholesale membership.

This will set you up to benefit from:

  • 25% off the retail price
  • No Hidden Fees or minimum order requirements
  • No required selling

The first step is to enroll as a member and you can do this for just $35 – but don’t forget, this doesn’t include any oils, it gets you started on your essential oil journey with access to 25% off the retail price. This is a great option if you want to pick and mix to create your own individual collection.

KITS are the most intelligent way to get your oils and by far the most reasonable. There lots of BONUSES with choosing this option, including the joining fee of $35 being waived.

KITS give you the opportunity to experience a value packed range of oils. There’s smaller kits for those just starting their oily journey, through to every oil kits for essential oil enthusiasts that just have to have them all! As soon as you pop open that lid, you will know straight away that doTERRA oils are a superior quality.

And if you find you love the business as much as I do, then you’re all ready to go, complete with your own doTerra website!