Coach with Me


  • Do you feel unfulfilled or lost in life?
  • Do you feel there’s more to you? Deep down something is missing at your core?
  • Are you longing for change but lacking direction?

I know that feeling…

For many years it’s how I felt. I had a successful advertising career, was financially secure, had a great group of friends and social life, travelled between the Middle East, Europe, Australia and South America for holidays AND had my health. How could anyone be dissatisfied with this life?!

Why did I feel disconnected and unfulfilled?

I knew I wanted change but what was it… and how did I find it?

I was afraid of what my family and friends would think of me, afraid that I wouldn’t find my purpose and afraid to take the leap.

But when I gave myself permission to leave fear and what others thought behind, the path cleared, new doors opened…

I decided to live life on my terms, to be filled with passion, live with purpose and to give back abundantly.  Once I created this shift, I allowed myself to look at the thoughts, beliefs and actions that had brought me to this point. What had stood in my way of having this life of abundance? Who was holding me back? Why did I think I didn’t deserve more?

I was standing in my own way!

I was amazed to find how many self-sabotaging behaviours, limiting beliefs and patterns of thinking were holding me back.

Are you anything like me?

We all do it. Right?

If you want to break out of old patterns, are open to change and ready to create a shift in your life, then you’re in the right place.

It’s time to get the results you deserve…

Now I coach and empower women to create a new life that has meaning, is fun and fulfilling. I help them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and align them with their life purpose.

By strengthening their connection to ‘Self’ and tuning-in to the wisdom that is intrinsically ingrained within each and every one of us, they now walk their path of true happiness.

Are you a mum re-entering the workforce after a break?

If you’re looking to re-enter the workforce after a long break, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lose your confidence.  I can give you the tools to reconnect with yourself, gain clarity around your interests and strengths, so you can clearly identify the role you would best be suited to.